April Snow Helps May Flowers Grow

I am really not sure what April snow brings but we had fun trying to find an uplifting rhyme.  This winter and whatever you want to call this pretend spring is has been long and rough.  So when it snowed on Monday, April 9 I really wanted to just stay in bed under the covers like a hibernating animal and give up.  But I knew I had two options stay warm in bed but feel bad that I am not being a good mom or productive and let the cycle continue or I could get up, bundle up, get out of the house and make memories together.  I was really sick for nearly two months over the winter and I missed almost all of the playing in the snow time.  I was bummed about that especially at the time but it was beyond my control and I tried to let that go.  So when the opportunity for playing in the snow came up in April I knew I should take it.  I am so happy I did, we made some wonderful memories together.  As we were bundling up to go outside and check out the snow, Annabelle said "mom let's have a photo and video shoot!"  So of course we did!  She gets me.  


There was barely enough snow to cover all the grass, but hey there was enough to sled down the little toddler sled hill at Euclid Square Park.


She loves snow angels!  --She also makes sand angels in the summer too. 


I love that she tried to climb the tree in her snow pants! 


"Mom can we play on the playground!?"  But there is snow? Yeah, she thought it would be fun!  It definitely was.


She had so much fun with that shovel.  Glad she thought to bring it with!  I had to dodge flying snow a few times, but we were alone at the park.  Watching the way snow falls when you throw the snow in the air is a great science experiment right?  Learning through play.


She spent a while shoveling snow from the hills and off of slides.  I love that she stopped for a moment to get a portrait.

We were going to walk over to Addis Cafe to get coffee to go but look at those storm clouds!  We made the right choice a few minutes after it started hailing little pellets.  We drove to Addis and spilt waffles so everyone won!

Annabelle had the best advice when it comes to weather about a month ago.  I said something about snow or cold, questioning it in late March--haha if I only knew it would be more weeks of cold.  And her quick response was "It is what it is."  She's wise beyond her years.  Now as the weather continues to be awful and spring feels like it's never getting here I remember her words and try to just embrace whatever weather we are given. I try to make the most of our days even when it's really hard to get off the comfy couch--movie days are good sometimes too.