Growing up one of my favorite places and places we went most often with my mom was the library.  We would always come out of there with stacks of books we could barely carry.  I still remember how our local library smelt and looked like.  In our home we always had a large collection of books too, including our red World Book Encyclopedia.  Oh how I loved that encyclopedia and just reading one letter as much as I could or running to it if I was curious about something.  Of course this was pre-internet and Google.  I grew up looking for books in bookshops or card catalogs, running to the aisles that corresponded with the Dewey Decimal System.  In my family books were important, books were magical, books were loved, books were held.  Today my husband and I believe the same thing.  You can find books in every room of our house. Yes every room. We have been reading to our daughter since she was born (and actually I think a little in the womb).  She loves reading and books.  Books are always going to be a big part of our lives.  In November 2015 I joined Usborne Books & More, it seemed to be a natural fit, and our home library and our world grew even more. I first learned about Usborne Books & More during story time at our local coffee shop.  I am sure there will be some photos and posts about our local coffee shop, Friendly's, it is one of our daughter's favorite places!  I knew that these books were amazing pretty quickly. I started asking casually about the books that were there and quietly took note of them.  Then one day the "book lady" Bee read a book that has these little bandaids in it called All Better. After seeing my daughter's face light up as she interacted with the book I was hooked. It wasn't look before we were growing our library and then I decided to join the Usborne Books & More team.  

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